What Really Matters on a Home Inspection?

Thank you for visiting our website! Here is a short video that discusses what really matters on a home inspection. Purchasing a home can be very stressful and the unknown factors can make it scary! However, having a home inspection will bring light to the overall condition of the home you hope to buy. We […]

Agents Benefits from using SPECTORA Home Inspection Reports

This video is for agents, buyers and sellers! GREENCO Property Inspections inspectors use SPECTORA software for our clients commercial and home inspections. The reports are easy to understand and contain many photos showing the condition of a home. Knowledge is essential when making such a large and important investment. Some of our clients choose to […]

GREENCO Property Inspections Reports are Easy to Read

Hi everyone! I want to share this important information about the home inspection report that GREENCO Property Inspections provides. Our inspectors use the newest software program from SPECTORA which provides an easy-to-understand detailed report. I was a sales agent for many years and used different inspectors, and the reports were often so hard to make […]

Sewer Scope Inspection Calamities

Homeowners, have you ever thought about what might be lurking in your main sewer pipe? Most folks don’t until there is a pipe break under the foundation and the plumber comes out and says it will cost $16,000 for repairs! This happened to our parents’ home, it was not fun, and it was very costly! […]

GREENCO Property Inspections – Interesting Finds on Home Inspections

GREENCO Property Inspectors find some very interesting things sometimes on their inspections! They never know what they are going to come across. For example, on one occasion, Mr. Inspector and the buyer’s agent heard a small meow and it was hard to locate where it was coming from. They finally figured out the noise was […]

Home Maintenance – Furnace Questions

Furnaces come in all sizes, shapes and forms, so how is a person supposed to know what kind of furnace they have, how old it is, and if it is working properly? Mr. Inspector gives a brief overview of how to maintain your home furnace so that it operates at its peak performance! Don’t hesitate […]

Home Maintenance – Water Heater

Water heater issues discovered in a home inspection can be a challenge! Do I need to replace it? How much longer does the inspector think it will work, are just a couple of questions that might arise. Mr. Inspector gives a brief answer to these questions. Home maintenance may include water heaters, air conditioning, furnace, […]

Hey Mr. Inspector Home Inspection Questions

Hi everyone! GREENCO Property Inspections is introducing, “Hey Mr. Inspector”, which are questions and answers on important home inspection issues. These blogs will hopefully be fun and informative to those that are interested in learning more about the “issues” identified and discovered during home inspections. Enjoy the journey as we learn why and when a […]