GREENCO Property Inspections – Interesting Finds on Home Inspections

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GREENCO Property Inspectors find some very interesting things sometimes on their inspections! They never know what they are going to come across. For example, on one occasion, Mr. Inspector and the buyer’s agent heard a small meow and it was hard to locate where it was coming from. They finally figured out the noise was coming from inside the drywall. After getting permission to cut into the drywall, Mr. Inspector looked down and saw a baby kitten! He dangled a piece of a torn towel and the baby kitten hung on to it while the inspector pulled it up! The inspector called me so I ran to the store to buy the items needed to care for the kitten until we could find a permanent home. Yes, this story has a happy ending, and Figaro has a big brother and a mother that loves him!

On another inspection, Mr. Inspector and I had a kitten that followed us during the home inspection. This little curious kitten kept in step with us on much of the inspection. He even decided to climb up my leg and onto my shoulder! That was a new experience for me!

We at GREENCO Property Inspections enjoy what we do! We work hard at being efficient, professional and timely. When you love what you do, it is easy!

So, whether our inspectors are on the roof, under a home crawlspace, in the attic or flying the drone, you can be assured buyers can have peace of mind when buying their new home!

Oh, by the way, our grand pup Vader boy has joined the GREENCO Property Inspections team as our mascot! Vader is a handsome Belgian Malinois. He is such a joy!

Thank you for stopping by our website and we hope to hear from you soon!

Lydia & Corey
GREENCO Property Inspections

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