Sewer Scope Inspection Calamities

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Homeowners, have you ever thought about what might be lurking in your main sewer pipe? Most folks don’t until there is a pipe break under the foundation and the plumber comes out and says it will cost $16,000 for repairs! This happened to our parents’ home, it was not fun, and it was very costly! The concrete foundation was opened up and new pipes were installed.

Knowlege is key in maintaining our most valuable asset, our homes! Home or building inspection can include a top to bottom and internal aspects. The visual check of the roof is done by climbing up on a ladder or using a drone. GFI’s are important to have near any wet area to prevent getting shocked. The inspector documents an inspection with photos and a software program that creates an easy to read and understandable home inspection report.

But remember, not everything can be seen, so you might consider having an air quality test, water test, termite or sewer scope done to protect your family’s home.

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