What Really Matters on a Home Inspection?

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Thank you for visiting our website! Here is a short video that discusses what really matters on a home inspection. Purchasing a home can be very stressful and the unknown factors can make it scary! However, having a home inspection will bring light to the overall condition of the home you hope to buy. We have had clients that have had several inspections and decided not to buy. But they hung in there until they found the home that had a pretty small, short list of repairs, and that they loved! So not to worry! Our inspectors are very thorough and pay attention to detail. Keep in mind, they are not superman and don’t have x-ray vision, so they can’t see what is going on inside the walls. They do have a moisture detector that is used if a moisture problem is identified. An air quality and mold test can be done also if the buyer requests it. Let me mention sewer scopes also. If you are buying an older home a sewer scope inspection may be a good idea! Cast iron pipes that were used years ago eventually deteriorate and replacement can be costly! It is better to know the health of the home you have fallen in love with before you buy! We are here to help so give us a call when you decide to buy the home of your dreams! GREENCO Property Inspections. (800) 925-7311. We are always happy to answer questions before and after a home or commercial inspection! Thank you for visiting our website! Corey & Lydia – Owners #inspections, #greencopi, #commercial, #sewerscope, #mold, #residential, #multi-family

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